Commonwealth Bank Debit Cards

Master Money Debit Cards

Commonwealth Bank MasterMoneyTM Debit Cards are offered with all of our checking account products. They provide a convenient way to pay for everyday purchases at stores, restaurants, supermarkets or any of the millions of locations worldwide that accept MasterCard®/MasterMoneyTM Debit Cards.

Our cards come with an embedded EMV microchip to provide enhanced security and protection against fraud, adding another layer of security when used at a chip card reader. Chip cards are common in over 130 countries around the world including Canada, Mexico &  Europe. Travelers can enjoy greater acceptance when traveling overseas with a chip card.

All Commonwealth Bank ATM’s are EMV chip enabled and equipped with ActivEdge anti-skim card readers for even more added security.

New Card Activation and PIN Changes

Beginning on Monday September 16, 2019, Commonwealth Bank debit card customers can call 1-800-992-3808 to activate new cards or to reset or change a PIN at any time, day or night. If you know your current PIN and just want to change it, you can also do this at any Commonwealth Bank ATM.

Lost or Stolen Debit Card?

If your card is lost or stolen or if you believe your card number may have been compromised, please contact the Bank to report this immediately. During normal business hours, please call 617-364-6000. After hours, you can call 866-842-5208 (up to September 15, 2019), or 833-337-6075 (beginning September 16, 2019) for assistance.