Fees & Services Charges

Description Fee Amount
Account Research Per Hour$35.00
Insufficient Funds Check Fee$30.00
Uncollected Funds Check Fee$30.00
Returned NSF 18/65$5.00
Closed Account (if closed within 6 months of opening)$25.00
Statement Copy$5.00
Money Orders$2.00
Money Order Stop Payment$30.00
Checking Account Stop Payment$30.00
Treasurer's Check$5.00
Treasurer's Check Stop Payment$30.00
Photo of Check/Deposit Item$5.00
Check Printing FeeVaries
Wire Transfer Outgoing Domestic$30.00
Wire Transfer Outgoing Foreign$50.00
Wire Transfer Incoming$10.00
Foreign Check CollectionVaries
Lost Passbook$20.00
Levy Fee$75.00
Duplicate ATM Card$25.00
POS Withdrawal$0.25
IRA Rollover Outside Bank$100.00
Bulk Coin5% of total
Debit Card Fee (per month)$1.00
Inactivity Fee (per month)$2.00
Confirmatory Discharge$100.00
Returned Deposited/Cashed Item$7.16*

*This fee is set annually by the Massachusetts Division of Banks. Fee is typically effective 8/1 of the current year through 7/31 of the following year.