Loan Scams

In recent months, many Boston area Banks including our own have been receiving telephone calls from consumers who have been duped into providing their personal financial information with the promise of a “too good to be true” loan. The fraudsters are posing as loan officers from a variety of Banks. Some are using Commonwealth Bank’s name although the logo and phone numbers they use do not belong to us. We will never contact you by phone or email to offer you a loan unless you have contacted us first to submit an application.

You should NEVER provide any of your personal information by phone or email to an unknown party. Below is an example of an email that was sent out from one of the fraudsters on June 28, 2022. If you receive a call or an email like this, do not respond. These criminals are very good actors. They will do everything they can to gain your trust and then steal your information.

Loan Scam Sample